Docker Daemon Configuration & "Global Service" Install?

A couple of questions on Docker for Windows that I cannot seem to find answers to anywhere…

  1. Docker for Windows seems to (oddly) be installed in a “user-specific” fashion – that is, it’s not a global service, but something that starts when I log in and is specific to “me” as a user. Is this something that can be changed? Can I have a ‘global’ install, like I do on Linux, where it is a system-wide service?

  2. I want to change the “daemon.json” for Docker for Windows (insecure registries, etc), but it seems like the only way to do this is through the Docker tray icon-thingy. How can I change this in a ‘scripted’ fashion? Does this ‘write through’ to the /etc/docker/daemon.json inside a Hyper-V linux VM? Is it stored in the Windows registry somewhere?

Or is the answer to all of these questions (and the ‘Docker for Windows silent install’ question) simply:

  • Don’t use Docker for Windows
  • Set up a Hyper-V virtual machine and install Docker on it (perhaps using some kind of Docker for Windows image?)

Thanks in advance!