Docker daemon produces image but doesn't really ADD anything

Dear friends,
since a week or so I’m trying to get my very very simple dockerized java application to run on Qemu Raspbian emulator.

  • I’ve successfully installed the Docker daemon on it
  • I’ve grabbed the content of the folder APP from my x86 machine and sftp-ed it to the Raspbian “machine”
  • I’ve replaced the FROM java:latest to FROM armhf/openjdk:openjdk-6-jdk or FROM armv7/armhf-java8 ( or
  • Rest of the Dockerfile is left untouched, it’s basically 4 ADD instructions, and a final CMD one to fire the application
  • Docker build successfully creates the image
  • Docker run starts the container, but it dies right away
  • Docker logs doesn’t output anything, so I thought that I’d go and export the container content to a file via docker export name > name.tar
  • to my huge surprise though, I see that none of my files that should have been added via the ADD commands of the Dockerfile are actually present

I can’t really understand how that can be possible. The Dockerfile is obviously trying to add subfolder files to the image (I know it doesn’t work otherwise), and it does that just fine when the only difference is that I run it on x86 starting from a different image.

Can you point me somewhere? I’m lost :frowning:
Thank you so much,