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Docker Data Centar pricing


(Decemb3r) #1


one simple question, can someone explain me price plain ‘BUSINESS DAY’ this part:
’*Docker Engines can be deployed anywhere
*Pricing is per instance. An Instance is a single deployment of Licensed Software or Supported Software installed on a physical or virtual computer or server, limited to two physical processor sockets in the case of a physical server’

(Banjot) #2

hi decemb3r,

The pricing is based on the host where you install a CS docker engine. On that same host, you install DDC components. So DDCsubscription charges for every physical (2 socket) or virtual host on which you install docker engine and DDC.

Business Day is a description of the support plan. It provides 12x5 support (business hours) for any support issues. The alternative is Business Critical support which is 24x7 for Priority 1 issues. You can see a full description here: