Docker Desktop does not show container

Docker Desktop does not show any of my container.

I believe it has to do with the rights management, but I fail to resolve it.

The regular user cannot see the container:

simon@simon-itx:~$ docker ps

Although root user sees the container

simon@simon-itx:~$ sudo docker ps
[sudo] Passwort für simon:
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                     COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS       PORTS                                                                                            NAMES
6474b9a77b89   portainer/portainer-ce    "/portainer"             6 days ago    Up 4 hours>8000/tcp, :::8000->8000/tcp,>9000/tcp, :::9000->9000/tcp, 9443/tcp   portainer

The regular user is part of the docker group and should be able to see it:

simon@simon-itx:~$ sudo grep docker /etc/group

How can I
Either start docker-desktop as root or
make the regular user able to see the docker container?

I moved to topic to the “Docker Desktop for Linux” category. On Linux, you can install Docker CE or Docker Desktop for Linux". If you install both of them, you will have two Docker contexts.

docker context ls

“desktop-linux” is the context of Docker Desktop and “default” is the context of Docker CE.

After installing Docker Desktop for your user, the context will be changed to “desktop-linux”, but your root user will still use the default context since this wil be the only context it can see.

If you want to use Docker Desktop, use it with your user. If you want to use Docker CE, switch back to the default context with your user

docker context use default

It will also be visible for root.

Many thanks.

I indeed have two docker contexts.

$ docker context ls
NAME                TYPE                DESCRIPTION                               DOCKER ENDPOINT                                  KUBERNETES ENDPOINT   ORCHESTRATOR
default             moby                Current DOCKER_HOST based configuration   unix:///var/run/docker.sock                                            swarm
desktop-linux *     moby                                                          unix:///home/simon/.docker/desktop/docker.sock

I found a good explanation about the differences between Docker Desktop and Docker CE by you here. I thought Docker Desktop might be an easy solution to do backups of my docker container and volumes, but as it creates a virtual machine its not suitable for me. I will open another thread how to migrate docker container to another host for backup.