Docker Desktop Not Working on Windows 11 Desktops - Need Help!

Hi everyone,

I’m having a tough time getting Docker Desktop to work on my Windows 11 desktops and could really use some help. Here’s the situation:

System Details:

OS: Windows 11 Pro

Hardware: Intel i7, 16GB RAM

Issue Description: After upgrading to Windows 11, Docker Desktop seems to be having multiple issues:

Docker Engine Not Starting: The Docker engine fails to start, showing various error messages.

Hyper-V Issues: Sometimes, Docker Desktop says that Hyper-V is not enabled, even though it is.

Performance Problems: When Docker does start, the system becomes very sluggish and almost unusable.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues with Docker Desktop on Windows 11 desktops? Any suggestions or troubleshooting steps that I might have missed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your assistance!