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Docker doesn´t allow hibernate state

I´m using Docker with openHAB on a Synology NAS DS 220+.
Even if I stop openHAB in Docker. When Docker runs on its own. It doesn´t allow to switch into hibernate state.
If I stop Docker itself, hibernate activates with no problem.
What´s Docker doing when there´s nothing to do???

It looks like docker checkpoint may be the thing I’m attempting to accomplish here. There’s not much in the docs that describes it as such. In fact, the docs for docker checkpoint say “Manage checkpoints” which is massively unhelpful.

UPDATE: This IS, in fact, what docker checkpoint is supposed to accomplish. When I checkpoint my jupyter notebook container, it saves it, I can start it back up with docker start --checkpoint [my_checkpoint] jupyter_notebook, and it shows the things I had running as being in a Running state. However, attempts to then use the Running notebooks fail. I’m not sure if this is a CRIU issue or a Jupyter issue, but I’ll bring it up in the appropriate git issue tracker.

Anyhoo docker checkpoint is the thing that is supposed to provide VM-save-state/hibernate style functionality.

So, do you know if it is possible to deactivate docker checkpoint?