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Docker eats up all available harddisk space

(Christian Jul Jensen) #1

After the latest update Docker for Mac is taking up a lot of harddisk space, currently about 70Gb which is all that is available. Logs are taking up about 25Gb.

Didn’t notice yesterday when it happened, so cleaned out about 20Gb of other stuff on the disk, but this morning the disk is full again after a very short time of working.

I do have about 15Gb of images, and some stored containers, still 70Gb seems like a lot, and never had similar issues with the same setup on boot2docker.

Screenshot of com.docker.driver.amd64-linux dir

(Alexandre) #2

Hi @christianjul,

What you describe seems to be the same problem as here:

Docker beta 13 fills the disk very quickly with logs and/or Docker.qcow2