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Docker EE 2.0 and Kubernetes Helm

(Christianf) #1

Hi All,
does anyone know if there’s any “battery-included” support for Helm in Docker EE 2.0?
Kind Regards

(Manglu) #2

I haven’t seen any answers for this query yet.

I think the easiest way is to try things out however I would like to see if there is official support for using Helm in a Docker EE environment.


(Glyn Bowden) #3

Helm itself works just fine in Docker EE in the testing that I have been doing. The problem will come when consuming off-the-shelf helm charts that include references to the “” API. This isn’t supported in UCP 2.0 and so helm charts that contain it just fail. This isn’t ideal and we have had to build in flags to ignore RBAC into our charts so they can at least run after a bit of UCP setup for the required service users.

Would be good to have the ability to emulate that endpoint or at least put a response there stating RBAC is disabled so that helm charts that check for RBAC enablement at least continue on.