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Docker EE back up process/steps

(Manglu) #1


We are planning on using Docker EE (using Kube as the Orchestrator). I am trying to see what are the steps for backing up Docker EE.

The documentation talks about Docker Swarm (and no reference to Kube).

Is Kube backed up with out me taking any specific action?

The steps as described in the docs are shown below:
Backup steps

Back up your Docker EE components in the following order:

    1. Back up your swarm
    2. Back up UCP
    3. Back up DTR

We don’t plan to use swarm at least in the immediate future (and I would be happy to skip backingup any associated config and expect it to have just the default value(s).

Do we have people out there who have used Docker EE with Kube and performed backup/restore activities?