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Docker EE on Premise DTR - Air Gapped - Populating the DTR

Continuing with my on premise docker air gapped theme I am writing a script to populate the DTR with the docker official images.

The approach I am using will be straight forward using a connected host to pull the images, save them as tar balls, transfer them to media and then on the offline host use the DTR API to create the repositories and then push the images into the repository.

What I would like to include is the official documentation that is part of the docker-library/docs on github.

Has anyone documented this process for a local repository?


-1. pull image
-2. tag image to reflect dtr address
-3. export
-4. import on a host that has access to your dtr
-5. push the images

Step 5 will fail if the group and repository does not exist in dtr. From what I remember there is a setting that will create a repository when you try to push an image for a non existing repository. But you need to enable that setting. As far as I remember the groups still need to be added manually.

As dealing with the image description appreared to be complicated, we just adde “see {link} for description” for the description.

Even on Dockerhub no one realy edits the descriptions manually. Usualy you aim for an automated build, which re-uses the from git for the description - though there is no counterpart in DTR for this…

Sounds good - thanks for the information. Yes I guess I really don’t need to get too fancy. I may spend some time on it but in the end it is really not too important, just looks cool. :smile:

No one realy logs in into the DTR webinterface, except to manage dtr itself :wink:

We do create a reference stack and add plenty of documentation in the docker-compose.yml.
The interaction will be with ‘docker login your.dtr.fqdn’ and your reference stack.

I am quite sure that none of my users ever logged in into the web interface.

:slight_smile: Good point!