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Docker EE works on Server Core but not full Server (2016)

(Gurdipsira) #1


I setup Docker on Windows Server 2016 Core as per the link below. This worked (and works) perfectly. Now I setup a Windows Server 2016 server which was full GUI, but I cannot do the following:

  • Run docker container run hello-world:nanoserver
  • Run docker container run microsoft/windowsservercore hostname (I was able to use the pull cmd to get this image)

Both of these commands just hang forever.

I can run the Docker version command and that returns the version info so I know that Docker is successfully installed. Both servers are VMs on ESXi 6.5, no proxy, they both have same RAM/CPU specs (both servers hover around 50% RAM and CPU so performance isn’t an issue). Both VMs are Server 2016 RTM.

Please advise