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Docker For Aws, ssl

(Yejune) #1

Thanks for all the work on Docker for AWS, awesome.

From docker for aws
What is an effective way to use https?

I connect the Load Balancer 443 Port to the instance 80 port of the Docker-ELB listerners
Connect the certificate generated by aws Certificate Manager to SSL Certificate.

It works without any problems.

However, if you create or modify a docker service, the above settings will disappear.
Can not you specify it when you do not want to disappear or when you create / modify docker service?

(Marcosthoma) #2

Hi, sorry about my English.
I have the same problem, and I temporarily resolve creating a new ELB and changing ASGs created by Cloud Formation to talk for new ELB the instances of Manager and Workers to. Now I control the redirect from Public 443 HTTPS access to internal 80 HTTP access.
This is necessary if I have multiples domains in http or https and using the same cluster. I can use different ELB with single domain e certificate access, and redirect to different cluster swarm ports.

(Grigore) #3

Did you find any solution for this?

(Plrunner) #4

Yes, using “Docker for AWS” the very first thing that comes out to be missing is the support for TLS on ELB.

(Jboettcher) #5

Is it possible to configure the instance protocol on the ELB to be SSL? I want to encrypt traffic from ELB to Docker.