Docker for Windows resets (somehow) external device

We are using .net core services to communicate with our devices. (For 6 years .net framework services, for latest year .net core services). With no problems.
In the beginning we decided to convert our whole solution to docker. Everything worked flawlessly.
There is only one catch.
Our software, which is downloading data from our devices causes those devices to restart. When this software is running as a native service outside docker, everything is ok. When this software is running inside docker, on linux, everything is ok. But when it is running inside docker on windows, it causes devices RANDOMLY to restart. Randomly means 10 times per hour, 30 times per hour, 1 time per 4 hours, etc. When stopped in docker and start “outside of docker”… no restarts.

To be more specific: device has its own ip address and running webserver and software is simply downloading via GET files from this webserver/ip address. Once per 10 seconds.