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Docker for Windows - Virtual Machine Driver

Docker for Windows Feature Request

I would like to see Virtual Machine Drivers brought into Docker for Windows like was included in Docker Toolbox, Reasons:

  1. I have tried to switch my computer to use Hypher-V 3 times, each time it breaks my machine. So bad, one time, I had to rebuild the entire OS.
  2. I prefer the use of VirtualBox to Hyper-V, it is simpler and easier to use in my experience
  3. Last point, I basically can not use Docker for Windows and have to keep using Docker Toolbox that I assume will fall behind at some point, please make my life easier.

This is just a forum, not the place to make feature requests for Docker on Windows. Maybe you can take a look at the issues on Github. The state of the art way to run Docker is in WSL2. My impression is that the discussion about these hypervisors is over.

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Thanks, I will take a shot at it, have nothing to lose.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to run Docker in a VM. Docker is a light virtualization solution, it doesn’t virtualize hardware so you won’t be affected by problems typical for nested VMs.