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Docker for windows10 and perl

(Iaarya) #1

Hi All,
I am new to docker and implementing docker for windows 10.
I am trying to run this docker file on windows (; but I run into several errors.
For instance: I first ran into sudo command not recognized; which I later corrected for and manged to fix it.
In the second instance; docker run was not able to import funcsigs module (used by python) I included upgrade pip -U -install to fix this error.
Now, when the docker run command is issued it encounters another error pointing towards perl script. I have checked the perl script file in the code. The syntax is correct; but I dont understand why I am getting this error?
Could you please provide any suggestion.
Also; it it possible to run a dockerfile for linux on windows ? shouldnt the virtual machine be able to recognize the windows os and linux os commands ex. sudo and re-interpret this.
Also do I need to install perl for the above dockerfile to run.
Kind regards.

(Patricknw) #2

I am not sure what perl script you are running, but you will almost certainly need perl installed to get it to function. It is unlikely to be in the container unless you put it there.

(Iaarya) #3

Thanks for replying.
I was of the opinion too that I need to include perl installation in my Dockerfile.
But when I open the conatiner in an interative environment using /bin/bash
and i ask for perl --version.
It demonstrates perl 5.
So I am assuming I dont have to re-install perl as it is already present within docker environment/container by default.


(Patricknw) #4

Agreed. If it is giving you a version number, then your basic perl
installation is probably good to go. I’m not sure what the problem might
be, in that case. Perhaps a module that is missing over some smaller