Docker getting roundcube work under subpath /webmail

So I have a docker server up and running, using apache2 (unfortunately nginx proxy manager has problems with subpaths). I have dockerized applications and I only have one subdomain and have to get my apps working under subpaths.

For example dockerized taiga ( is up and running under myserver. com/taiga and docker DashMashine (Github: DashMachine) under myserver. com/dash etc I also have a dockerized roundcube webmail instance from here up and running (Docker Hub) but I don’t know how to get roundcube working under for example myserver. com/webmail

Can someone help? I’m fairly new to this and would appreciate any help

Isn’t this more like a general “how to create path-based reverse proxy rules for roundcube with apache2”, than a docker specific problem?

If I where you, I would look in the roundcube documentation about reverse proxing and if nothing is mentioned as in a roundcube forum.