Docker GUI closes automatically after notification says: "Check the logs!"

Steps to reproduce the behavior

docker v. 1.11.1-bata12

  1. Start docker and share drive C:\
  2. test with: docker run --rm -v c:/Users:/data alpine ls /data that it works
  3. Kill the docker service … docker GUI is still running
  4. right click “docker GUI”: Exit Docker
  5. Notification says: “Failed to connect to dockerBackend: time out” - Check the logs!
  6. GUI closes itself so there is no possibility to do so!

Expected behavior

Notification should show the path, where to check the Logs or docker GUI should stay open with a minimal UI to check the logs. If the GUI is closed there’s no easy way to check the logs.


The first time I did this test, docker loosed the “shared folders” settings, and it was hard to establish connection again. The second time the settings where not lost. So I’ll need to do some more tests and create a new issue.