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Docker_gwbridge use a custom name



We’ve managed to work around the puppet/centos/docker/alphabet interface issue.
And even done it better using the daemon.json definition which is good.

Please don’t ask why we are using puppet and docker on centos7 when they clearly don’t play nicely but this is where we are and we need to carry on a little longer.

So the question is can we customise the name of the swarm bridge “docker_gwbridge” as this is alphabetically before ens192 as well as docker0.

We can create the bridge manually using docker or brctl and this is fine using our own name and network.

But “docker swarm init” is still creating the default bridge the first time it starts (interestingly not the second time it starts even though the default bridge was removed).

Any thoughts at all please, short of renaming the default centos7 eth0 name from ens192 to ans192?