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Docker Hub company login

(David Spitzer) #1

We’re excited that Tutum/Docker Cloud is now out of beta. In that regard we have an issue: We can login with our docker hub accounts but we don’t see our company and everything seems to be tied to an individual user account. When is that going to change?

Organization accounts
( (Charlie)) #2

Team is preparing a roadmap (apparently) which will outline when this will be released as it is one of the most requested features.

I believe that the V2 design launch and integration w/ other Docker tools will come first, so probably waiting a while…


(Kickingthetv) #3

Hi dspitzer,

Support for Organizations in Docker Cloud is one of our highest priorities and it should be coming at the same time as our new UI, sometime in May/June.

Organisation support ETA
(Ian MacLeod) #4

In the meantime, is the suggested flow to create a single account that the team shares?

(Kickingthetv) #5

Yes, that would be best. We plan to allow individual accounts to convert to organization accounts once we support orgs.

(Abobwhite) #6

@kickingthetv I am in a pickle right now because of the lack of teams. I am currently representing two different organizations in docker cloud. I previously setup a node with one organization (for free) and now I am migrating my nodes from Tutum for my other organization. The problem is that each organization should have separate billing (one node free) but that’s not the case with my single account. Side note: Docker cloud will not accept my billing information. This has become an extremely difficult process.

(Kickingthetv) #7

Hi abobwhite, I would recommend setting up two separate accounts in Docker Cloud for now. You will have a chance to convert them into organizations once we support that feature by the end of June.

For the billing information, can you tell me what browser you’re using? And if you’re using the New UI or Classic UI?

(Abobwhite) #8

@kickingthetv That’s exactly what I ended up doing - creating a second account. I have tried entering the billing information in both Chrome and FireFox in both the Classic and New UIs…

(Felipeplets) #9

@kickingthetv any update on that topic, this is a must feature for us.

(Robstyles) #10

+1, really need org support in dockercloud please

(Ryan Kennedy) #11

Thank you for your patience.

The team is actively working on support for organizations. We are spending additional cycles on this feature to ensure it is released with the highest quality.

(Czechjiri) #12

am I correct to assume when this is turned ON, not only I will be able to see/work in the same organization as I can with Docker Hub, but also the billing will be combined.

thank you

(Robstyles) #13

Can we get an update on organisation accounts in It’s a really important feature for us.