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Docker Hub search doesn't work - unable to create a new service


(Dusterio) #1

Hey guys!

Is anybody else experiencing issues while trying to create a new service from Docker Hub image?

In the wizard the first step is search and it seems to be broken. The front-end makes a request that results a 404 page not found error (not an API/AJAX response but an HTML response)

As a result, I cannot create any services from public images

(Stephen Pope) #2

I’m still running into this as well. And I don’t seem to be able to trick it by trying to use the Docker repository as a third-party repository either. Other ones, like do work.

(Stephen Pope) #3

(A workaround is obviously to just use a Stack and specify the image name directly. You can use a minimal definition and then use the Service UI to edit it to what you want.)

(Floushee) #4

Same problem here :frowning: