Docker in Docker with Gitlab-Runner and ARMv8-a

I need to set up a system connected to Gitlab. Since I can’t run ARMv8-A with gitlab-runner. I need to create a docker container with Ubuntu installed connected to gitlab-runner, and I need to run ARMv8-A in this docker.

What I want to do is to use gitlab-runner in the gitlab repo to turn the project into an exe file in a docker container that uses the appropriate architecture. This exe file we translated will be automatically added to the repo using artifacts. Everything will be automatic, when someone pushes something new, the runner will immediately run the new docker container in the repo (architecture must be armv8-a), the container it runs will create an exe file and this will be placed directly into the repo.
I can’t find any information on this subject. Everything goes somewhere and gets stuck. What about Docker in Docker? How will these connections be made? I would be very grateful if anyone with knowledge could guide me.