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Docker is running


(Gruposalatieljuanes) #1

Good Afternoon, i’m trying to execute the docker service status command, i get this bellow:
Obs: The docker is executed in AWS

(Vir2l) #2

Hm… And whats the problem now?

(Gruposalatieljuanes) #3

the problem is that when i try to start my images in the container i get this error bellow:

(Vir2l) #4

You cannot start any “images” in a docker container.
A container IS a “running” image.

What you do is you only start the docker daemon.
If you want to run an image to get a container do this:

docker run -it <name-of-your-image> /bin/bash

if you want an interactive shell inside your container, or

docker run -d <name-of-your-image>

more or less :wink: