Docker itop image not persistent after restart

Hi there,

I am using vbkunin/itop in a docker swarm.

Every time I stop and start the container I lose all my configuration settings and have to run setup again.

How can I make my settings persistent?

Hope someone can help.

In swarm containers are completly ephemeral - once the container is stopped it’s swarm service configuration is presevered as history, but the container itself and all the data that existed in the container filesystem is gone.

You might want to raise an issue in the github page and ask the maintainer directly: Issues · vbkunin/itop-docker · GitHub

Hello Metin,

thanks for your reply.

I persisted the itop folders on my local filesystem:

    - /mnt/itop/extensions:/var/www/html/extensions
    - /mnt/itop/conf:/var/www/itop/conf
    - /mnt/itop/data:/var/www/itop/data
    - /mnt/itop/log:/var/www/itop/log
    - /mnt/itop/env-production:/var/www/itop/env-production
    - /mnt/itop/env-production-build:/var/www/itop/env-production-build
    - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
    - /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro

However , after installation nothing is written here. I would expect a config file

Kind regards Allard