Docker keeps files in overlay subfolder instead moving to the mounted directory

Docker: Docker version 18.09.1, build 4c52b90
OS: Debian 9

I have mounted a filesystem into a a container which is running Transmission in it.
the mounted downloadfolder is “/new” and is a reference to /mnt/HD2/new

Some files get saved there, but most downloaded files reside in:

why is that? how can i change that?

Are those files download into /new or somewhere else?

they SHOULD be downloaded into /new, yes.

Funny fact: if i re-add the files to transmission it instantly jumps to 100% downloaded, but the files to not show up in /new but stay in the overlay2 folder :confused:

Which image are you useing?

I have no idea about transmission. Though, if you would share your compose file or your run command it would be easy to spot where there problem is.

I took a look at the entrypoint script and default configuration of linuxserver/transmission. I have a suspicion why the container behaves differently then you expect.