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Docker library Go checksum error


We use Docker’s Go library to manage docker.

I got a really weird message today when building our project inside TravisCI:

go: verifying checksum mismatch
	downloaded: h1:mJtkfC9RUrUWHMk0cFDNhVoc9U3k2FRAzEZ+5pqSIHo=
	go.sum:     h1:Zl/9mUfPbYbnv895OXx9WfxPjwqSZHohuZzVcjJ5QPQ=

This is coming from go mod, which downloads the library and checksums it against a value recorded in go.sum.

While I could just nuke it and move on, these things aren’t supposed to happen and I think the docker team should at least be aware of it.

(Marques Johansson) #2

This appears to be

I’ve also run into this and clearing out the module cache didn’t help me.