Docker looses connectivity after windows lock screen?

Expected behavior

“docker ps” shows information about containers
kitematic is able to start or restart containers

Actual behavior

after having logged in to the lock screen of my workstation, docker seems to be frozen

  • docker ps hangs
  • kitematic does nothing or shows a response 500 message
  • I cannot access nginx on a container, with my browser any more (Kitematic stil displays as “running”)

Docker settings still show “Docker is running”. Resetting docker (often twice) via docker settings brings back expected behaviour.


Windows diagnostic ID: 563982CC-E72C-41CC-A4DD-E67D14F2A80B/2016-06-24_17-19-00

Version 1.12.0-rc2
Imported settings from Virtualbox, running on Hyper-V

Steps to reproduce the behavior