Docker Mac Edge LinuxKit Issues?

I believe this might be related to the new linuxkit backend that was introduced with the latest beta version, but I could be wrong.

The line that’s bugging out doesn’t make sense to me otherwise.

Here’s a snippet of my Dockerfile.

FROM internal.x.y.z/postgresql

COPY sql/base /tmp/sql/base/
COPY sql/delta /tmp/sql/delta/
COPY *.Fc /tmp/sql/
COPY scripts/ /tmp/sql/

USER root

RUN chmod +x /tmp/sql/
RUN /etc/init.d/postgresql-$PG_VERSION-$PG_PORT start \
    && su - -c "/tmp/sql/ /tmp/sql" postgres \
    && /etc/init.d/postgresql-$PG_VERSION-$PG_PORT stop -m fast

RUN rm -Rf /tmp/sql

USER postgres

The line that errors out is the chmod line. Did something drastic change with LinuxKit that would prevent changing permissions to files? Is there a new workflow I should look into that I’m not aware of?

Console Log:

Step 8/11 : RUN chmod +x /tmp/sql/
 ---> Running in 3207cf23de65
ERROR: Service 'demodata' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c chmod +x /tmp/sql/' returned a non-zero code: 139