Docker machine error on vcenter deploy "Invalid hostname specified" but hostname is pingable!

I am running this command and trying to troublehshoot stuff with no luck

I issue the command

docker-machine create -d vmwarevsphere --vmwarevsphere-vcenter=“” --vmwarevsphere-username=“administrator” vmwarevsphere-password=“C0xxxxxxxxx” --vmwarevsphere-datacenter=“Tufxxx Cluster” --vmwarevsphere-compute-ip=“” vmwarevsphere-datastore=“Tufxxx Datastore01” --vmwarevsphere-network=“VM Network” DOCKERmach1

and I get this
ERRO[0000] Error creating machine: Invalid hostname specified
WARN[0000] You will want to check the provider to make sure the machine and associated resources were properly removed.
FATA[0000] Error creating machine

the vcenter hostname “” is pingable and nslookup is fine

I am stuck and dont know what to try next !!!