Docker Machine -- simultaneous local and remote volumes?

I’m playing around with Hypriot OS – Docker on Raspberry Pi! I’ve got it set up with docker-machine so I can issue commands from my laptop.

I want my running container to have access to /dev and /sys on the Raspberry Pi so my code can communicate with the hardware. However, it would be nice if I could continue to mount the project directory in the container as well.

Right now I’m coding on my Macbook, then when I want to test I build a new image containing the code. Then, I SSH into the Pi and start the container there, so that /sys and /dev are pointing at the appropriate devices on the Pi (instead of nonexistent devices on my Macbook). I’d prefer to run the show entirely from my Macbook so I don’t have to rebuild the image every time I make a change.

Here’s an image somewhat explaining what I’m trying to do:

                           |  Raspberry Pi                 |
 +--------------------+    |+----------------+             |
 | Macbook            |    || Container      |             |
 |                    |    ||                |             |
 |   ~/projects/abc <---------- /app         |             |
 |                    |    ||   /sys  -------------> /sys  |
 |                    |    ||   /dev  -------------> /dev  |
 +--------------------+    ||                |             |
                           |+----------------+             |

Conceptually, I don’t think this is impossible. I use Docker Machine with Virtualbox and am able to mount my local working directory, so this is just a stretch to see if I can also access files on the device itself. Does Docker allow this kind of behavior?