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Docker on Linux Mint 20.1 (Ubuntu 20.04)

I am very inexperienced in the world of Linux but I’ve been running LM cinnamon on 2 laptops for over a year and now my main pc. I’ve completely done away with windows.

I installed docker and docker compose because I wanted to install the docker-searx image (GitHub - searx/searx-docker: Create a searx instance using Docker). I have been using my own private instance of searx for months but decided i want to run a public instance on my own hardware (server). Of course having a dynamic ip is an obstacle when you dont have a business account so i knew I would need a DNS resolver. I did’nt want to use an outside source so I installed pihole with unbound as my recursive resolver.

Since I have limited experience using Linux and no experience with docker, can you please give me advice on how to make my searx-docker image (there are 4 containers) accessible from the internet? When I installed the image it seems like it installed properly (no errors) but I did not edit the .env file nor any yaml,conf files etc. I followed the instructions on github but they are not detailed enough. Also, I have purchased a domain name. Is that a requirement?

Thank you