Docker on Windows: it's overkill to require MSYS Git

Dear All,
I’m trying out boot2docker on Windows 7. So far so good, so thanks! However, I feel it’s overkill to require MSYS Git. The 2 *.sh scripts can easily be ported to *.bat files - I did it already. Therefore there’s no need for bash. For the rest, boot2docker only uses ssh and related programmes. It would be enough to require OpenSSH e.g. as provided by MLS Software - see I tried to run boot2docker with that version of ssh and experienced what seems to be only a minor problem. It would even be better if boot2docker could work with Putty, but that seems a bridge too far. A last note: the installer for boot2docker did not warn me that I needed to add the folder with ssh.exe to my PATH.
Kind regards