Docker on Windows provides limited functionality

Docker 17.06 CE on windows
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit laptop, creators or anniversary update
Hyper-V enabled


I’ve been using docker on windows, for a month and feel docker’s functionalities are limited when using windows.

Mostly, docker daemon or any docker container interaction with the host itself is a challenge.

Use case 1 : Prometheus data collection failed, as the metric_addr and prometheus.yml confg didnt work. (using docker on windows)
Usecase 2 : telegraf metric collection did not work as input agent config did not work in telegraf.conf. (using docker on windows)

Exposing the ports or interaction with “MobyLinuxVM” VM did not work (I read) using daemon.json. I tried different options by creating external virtual switch and binding it to MobyLinuxVM, but no luck.

You can check my other topics, which I posted here and understand the issues am facing on Windows.

Further, the docs all refer to Linux config/commands, but very limited to windows (meaning, no info background on Hyper-V manager settings etc)

It looks like the way, virtualization handled by Microsoft is totally different than Linux OS, which makes it difficult for using docker on Windows.

A present, docker on windows can be used to create images and run containers independently using kitematic. Nothing more than that.

Any attempt to change or “MobyLinuxVM” damages the VM and the result is, errors or docker cannot restart.