Docker on windows server 2022 closes all containers after random amount of time

I have been running docker on windows server 2022 for a month now. I am running Minecraft on a ubuntu container. I have 2 CPUs with 8 cores each. 128G ram

I run a single hyper V windows 10 setup on the server.

I run 1 container for Minecraft set as 12G ram and default CPU settings.

IT has started to crash. When i remote in and docker is not running at all no error no reason. I start it back up and it runs then randomly i check on it and it has closed again.

Any ideas? Any logs i can check after it closes/crashes itself?

How did you install Docker on Windows Server?

Is there anything in the Windows event logs?

I installed it using the docker install file for windows.

No logs or events i cant find.

What is the “docker instal file”? Please share a link to specific installer.
I guess you mean Install on Windows | Docker Documentation

It isn’t supported on Windows server.