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(Safaci2000) #1

I’m trying to connect images together and allow them to be deployed to a variety of QA environments.

I have a pattern that seems to work locally. I’m building a docker-compose file . similar to attached file.
docker-compose.txt (1.1 KB)

Then I modify my hosts file on the local machine:

Basically all of the authentication is cookie based, so I’m updating the compose file to have the REAL server IP addresses then I’m overriding . my hosts file to map those server calls to be my machine instead of the real servers.

Now, I’m trying to scale this so it’s not just a development . pattern on my laptop but I’d like the ability to roll this out on various QA environments ideally without requiring DNS updates or dns propagation.

So, one solution is to get this stack up and running on any machine and then give the machine a hostname… like . then everything should work as long as the UI requests (coming from an angular / react app) go to the correct machine, but I can’t think of how to handle this besides exposing DNS server that with the docker stack and pointing to it.

Anyone have any suggestions ?