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Docker overlay network not showing all connected containers


(Nuclearjesus) #1

When I inspect my overlay network, 2 docker hosts only show their own containers
however, from those containers, I can ping the containers on the other docker hosts.

just docker network inspect doesn’t show the containers on the other hosts.

there are 4 docker hosts
2 hosts have 1.11 from docker repo on centos 7
2 hosts have 1.10 from centos 7 repo
the latter 2 only show their own containers upon inspection.

If this behaviour is as expected, I cannot find anything in the docu specifying it alas.

the first 1.10 host don’t even list the other 1.10 host containers

overall reachability (ping & dns) is fine.

There is no swarm involved, it’s pure docker/docker setup.