Docker pull fails with LCOW

I am running Docker for Windows Edge (18.03 CE RC3) on Windows 10 1709 to enable running in Linux Containers on Windows mode. I was able to pull Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.2.2 and Logstash 5.6.8 but any of the Logstash 6.x.x images fail similar to this:
PS C:> docker pull --platform linux
6.0.1: Pulling from logstash/logstash
85432449fd0f: Pull complete
a3e15d6940fb: Pull complete
fae632482ab1: Pull complete
7c65416b4f7b: Pull complete
d9542679fed1: Pull complete
4493646df9ed: Pull complete
8eb869b55294: Pull complete
4b301d5e876d: Pull complete
d6b839a61292: Pull complete
0474a9f69bfc: Download complete
f39c661e445d: Download complete
failed to register layer: failed sending to tar2vhd for C:\ProgramData\Docker\lcow\25d3d7b6e14a3bf0825964fb2d8666bd0c9def023163892b70b71d9036fb1f99\layer.vhd: opengcs: copyWithTimeout: error reading: ‘open \tmp\f1fa24015610f5617c03b2155233dee8cc853bb845af4f5b8e411aba64b11b67-mount\usr\local\bin\docker-entrypoint: The system cannot find the path specified.’ after 0 bytes (stdin of tar2vhd for generating C:\ProgramData\Docker\lcow\25d3d7b6e14a3bf0825964fb2d8666bd0c9def023163892b70b71d9036fb1f99\layer.vhd)