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Docker push to ECR failing with "no basic auth credentials"


This worked fine except for one thing. I have multiple AWS profiles.
The solution for me looked like this:
eval $(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --profile myprofilename | sed 's|https://||')


Hi. If you already has a repository for your containers at repositories tab here ,but can’t push - probably you doing something wrong with tagging of container or login issues. For now ecr page service has nice tooltip wich has all available commands step by step that you needed directly for your repository and containers.
To see that tab you need to

  1. Go to the
  2. Select your repository
  3. Click ‘View push commands’ button
  4. Tooptip with commands will appear - try it step by step and see if that solves your problem.

In my case it was typo for container name, but when I followed tooltip commands - it started to work for me!


This step solved my issue


I had this problem too on Windows. When you open the push commands modal on the AWS ECR website it defaults to Mac OS/Linux. The commands will run but don’t actually work. Make sure to switch to the Windows instructions. Worked much better.

Maybe my stupidity will help someone else.


Thanks a lot it worked for me as well !

(Abhilash AK) #26

Before using the push command did you do docker login to AWS from your terminal?
If you are wondering how you can get the login cmd, did you notice that AWS itself generates this command by aws ecr get-login this command?

Do docker login -u AWS -p <hashpassword-from-aws-ecr-cmd>

and do

docker push <ecr-repo-url>