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Docker push without admin


i’m in a corporate network with no admin rights.
I don’t wish to run a container, i just wish to import an image built somewhere else, and push it (in an openshift repo) using a docker push

i’d like to do a :
docker load -i [my_image]
docker login …
docker tag [my_tag] [my_path]
docker push [my_path]

Is there a chance for me to do that without admin rights ?
from a technical point of view : it should be.
Maybe use another tool with just the CLI.
Maybe the admin rights are mandatory

I’ll keep looking, and post the update should i find a solution

Thanks for any help

Edit1 : Docker is not installed on my computer

Admin rights are not required for what you want - just the rights to connect to a docker server.

apologies my question was not accurate,
i can’t install docker on Windows without admin rights, i’ll edit the question.
Therefore i’m looking for a workaround

Technically, you could send the commands to the docker daemon of your choice using curl, Postman or any other tool that can communicate with the REST api.

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Hi, thanks for the answer.
It does make sense
just to be clear :
You propose I use a postman to do the login / then tag then push on the distant docker.
It seems complex for my need, i’ll try if i can get a swagger to help.
I’ll update if i find something very usefull

If your OpenShift repo is accessible on the public internet, maybe you can log on to, and do your work there. They give you a very nice docker session for four hours at a time.

Thanks a lot for your answer !
But only the internal network can reach my openshift server