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Docker rate limit user for non-individual


For kubernetes deployments where a single set of user credentials could be configured to pull the images for all of the cluster nodes, which kind of licensing would be needed? I mean, technically I would only need 1 pro license right?

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Hi pupseba,

Yes, as long as you are authenticated with the Pro account in all of the cluster nodes, you will get unlimited pulls.

Legacy, Pro, and Team accounts all receive unlimited pulls. Organizations with team accounts also get unlimited pulls for all of the organization’s members.

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Ok then :slight_smile: great news!

Thank you very much!

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How do I authenticate pull requests
The following section contains information on how to log into on Docker Hub to authenticate pull requests.

Docker Desktop
If you are using Docker Desktop, you can log into Docker Hub from the Docker Desktop menu.

Click Sign in / Create Docker ID from the Docker Desktop menu and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-in process.

Docker Engine
If you are using a standalone version of Docker Engine, run the docker login command from a terminal to authenticate with Docker Hub. For information on how to use the command, see docker login.

Docker Swarm
If you are running Docker Swarm, you must use the – with-registry-auth flag to authenticate with Docker Hub. For more information, see docker service create. If you are using a Docker Compose file to deploy an application stack, see docker stack deploy.

GitHub Actions
If you are using GitHub Actions to build and push Docker images to Docker Hub, see login action. If you are using another Action, you must add your username and access token in a similar way for authentication.