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Docker registry cache

(Assupport) #1


I have recently set up a docker registry cache server to cache the pulled images.[followed this blog]

Idea is that once we download the image from docker hub, it would be cached to the local docker registry cache server. Now, every docker user in the local network should get the downloaded image from the cache server.

The issue is that when a docker engine on system2 tries to pull the already pulled image( by system1 in same local network), it is taking same time to get pulled as it has taken when pulled for the first time on system1.
Observation: Now when I delete the image from system2 and then pulls it again on system2 then it takes less time.

I have checked my configured cache server using below command, and i am able to see the cached images but i am not able to figure out why the images when pulled again on another system are taking longer time.:
“curl :5000/v2/_catalog”

I hope the registry cache does not do cache images for each docker engine separately. :?