Docker rootless and selinux

hello, I am trying to setup a rootless docker daemon with selinux enabled. I can’t get it enabled:

docker info | grep Security -A4
 Security Options:
   Profile: builtin

I added " “selinux-enabled”: true" to “/home/userxy/.docker/config.json”

there is no documentation about it, just to add it to: ~/.config/docker/daemon.json. But that file doesn’t even exist. thx!

so long

docker version: Server Version: 23.0.0
os: Fedora release 37 (Thirty Seven)

Daemon configuration files are not created by default, unless there is a configuration parameter in it. You can create it and restart the daemon to load the new configuration.

thx, I did so, but without success. selinux isn’t shown at the security section when using “docker info”

I am sorry, I very rarely use rootless Docker and even if I do, not on Fedora. I am not sure if Rootless Docker supports selinux at all.

thank you, I just found information that rootless docker won’t support Apparmor, so I tried to use Fedora, but without success.