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Docker search with DTR

(Lachlan Evenson) #1

How does one go about utilizing docker search with DTR?

(Sabin Basyal) #2

Currently there is no search feature for the “v2” registry, but it is high on our list of new features to add. When it is available, we will make it part of the DTR web UI. I don’t know if we will wait for the open source implementation of search or implement something proprietary, but the open source discussion is here:

(Ricardo Quintana) #3

When will the DTR integrate the latest changes from the open source version, namely catalog API endpoint and soft deletes ?

(Rajat) #4

We generally don’t publicly talk about specific timelines for new features in DTR, but one of the goals of the DTR team is to have a regular cadence of integrating features available in the open source registry. If you are a DTR customer, my recommendation is to file a support ticket or contact sales to get more detailed information about the roadmap.