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Docker Security Scanning broken

(Diacritic) #1

Our Docker Cloud security scanning for private repos seems to have stopped working again.

(Diacritic) #2

Organization TetraScience

(Watsonta) #3

Same for organization “zaas” and in my personal account. Now, the Support link from the Docker Cloud site is also broken. So, this is the only place to go for help. It’s unacceptable, considering that we’re paying for private repos primarily to get the Security Scan functionality. Any word on when it might be working again?

(Mpechnerle) #4

account mpechnerle, me too. 9 days and nothing. Ticket opened with support 7 days ago - nothing. This is a test. Had docker passed, my company would be actually signing up for service costing more than the $7 I spent. 20days until I will not renew and can probably safely say, “One of many companies that have not paid money because of the poor support of the community by docker.”