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Docker services unreachable after running for sometime

(Soniczhangss) #1

I am running services behind a haproxy server which runs in a docker container. After sometime, say a few days, some services would be unreachable. From ‘docker service ls’ command, all services seem to be up though. What could be the reason that causes the issue? Thanks.

(Sam) #2

docker service just says that the machine instance is up… how would u test that the application inside that instance is working?

for example… I can run a machine and add apache server… the machine could be running but apache could still be down.

(Wdullaer) #3

I have a comparable issue here.
docker service ls reports all my services as up.
However docker ps on all the nodes do not show any running containers.
If I inspect the containers local on the hosts I can see they all exited 5 hours ago, but the docker service commands still report everything as healthy. Just to be sure, I also checked with ps on the host and none of the processes are there.

The services had been running flawlessly for days. Luckily enough, I hadn’t promoted this setup to production just yet, but I can’t say this gives me any confidence in the reliability of docker swarm.

(Soniczhangss) #4

Thanks for your reply.

It seems to be issues with haproxy. The apache server is still running when the service becomes unreachable.

(Sam) #5

I have had HAProxy stop working on me as well… I didn’t debug it, not production, just restarted and it has run ok since (a couple weeks now)