Docker swarm : Master nodes


I’m a beginner with docker swarm.

My colleges gave me a swarm environment with 3 master nodes and 4 workers. Masters are managed by puppet to generate docker compose files and services.

I just noticed that only one master node is up to date with puppet and not the others.

What will happened If I execute a puppet run on the other master ?

Will it restart some services ?

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I am currious about what makes you think that someone, not knowing the Puppet plan you inherited from you colleges, is actualy able to answer those questions?

Swarm itself does not depend on Puppet and it uses it exactly no where.

Generaly it’s a very terrible idea to run configuration management scripts without knowing what they actualy do. There is no way arround actualy learning what the plan precisly does.

You are completely right. After re-reading my own post, it wasn’t really what I would like to explain…
My question was more about docker puppet module finally.
But maybe you can answer me another one.
Is it possible to manage a swarm if docker-compose files stored into 1 master node instead of 3 ?

A docker-compose file used to deploy a Swarm Stack needs to be deployed from a single machine, which can be any of the master nodes OR a remote client that uses docker context to set the context to one of the master nodes.

Oki thanks for your answer :slight_smile: