Docker Swarm Mode, Routing Mesh and (Sub)Domains

Hi! Docker in swarm mode and it’s routing mesh kicks serious ass.

But I don’t know - nor I can find anything about - if the routing mesh can be used (and how) to route traffic to different services depending of the domain/subdomain.

I know how to achieve this for web applications with nginx and maybe with HAProxy, but I feel it is an extra layer of something above the routing mesh, which I feel it basically defeats/duplicates the routing mesh’s functionality.

So, given I have a docker swarm (mode) setup in a public cloud… Is there any way this can be avoided, and configure the routing mesh to dispatch traffic incoming from various sub-domains to different services listening on the same port? (i.e. Web traffic on port 80?)

I stumbled upon Swarm Ingress Router which “routes DNS names to Swarm services based on labels”

I’m going off with it for now, but does anybody know if there is a way to do it without depending on this???