Docker Swarm Mode + Sibling Containers

Forgive me for asking a question without trying it first, but I’m stuck on a pre-Linux-subsystem version of Windows at work, so I’m not actually running Docker at the moment, just writing a plan (because it’s government work and you always have to have a plan document before you do ANYTHING). I have seen several threads talking about how Swarm mode doesn’t support scheduling one-off containers (calling “docker run x”, but being able to use your swarm’s resources and swarmkit’s security features) and doesn’t plan to support it.

That being said, I’m planning on running Jenkins on a swarm, but the build tasks that Jenkins executes are “docker build xxx” style commands. I understand the preferred way of doing this is to bind to the host’s docker socket to create sibling containers rather than docker-within-docker. How would this work where the parent engine is running in swarm mode? Can I still bind to the docker engine and make sibling containers? Or does this mess with the swarmkit scheduling?