Docker toolbox + own registry


I’m using docker toolbox on OSX (El Capitan). I’ve setup a private registry server for our site which is accessible from linux docker and also from OSX.

docker login

works on all platforms. On OSX any image I push i.e:

docker push

is not stored on the registry server but on the local virtualbox as

registry …

I can see this if I log into both servers.

What is going on?




It was a red herring. The private registry server was not really working, as it forgot all settings after a reboot. I fixed that and now there is no problem wit Mac OS X toolbox in special. But the image space in the toolbox VM is still filling up - to resolve this a some of the cleanup procedure {i.e docker rmi $(docker images -f dangling=true -q)} do the job.

Sorry to bother you,