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Docker Trusted Registry 2.0.1 has been released!

(Vivek Saraswat) #1

We are pleased to announce the latest GA patch update to Docker Trusted Registry (v2.0.1)! You can find more detailed info on the changes in the DTR release notes. As always, you can either upgrade your current deployment or you can install a new deployment of DTR.

Some of the changes in DTR version 2.0.1:
New features: Configuring garbage collection task durations, easier shared authentication with UCP, and more
Bug fixes: Corrected issues related to Microsoft and Mozilla browsers, editing users and teams, LDAP search API optimization, and many more
Note: To run UCP and DTR on the same hosts, use UCP v1.1.1 and CS Engine 1.11.1-cs2 or higher

Feel free to leave any feedback on this release here on the forums or through your Docker field rep.