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Docker UCP Dashboard shows NoData

Hello everyone.

I installed a Docker-UCP with a machine manager and 3 nodes, all normal, but in the dashboard of Docker-UCP the metrics show the message NoData. I verified that on the manager machine the container “ucp-metrics” is not being created. It does not exist neither running nor exited status, but the ucp-metrics image exists on the machine.

If I try to manually raise the container using the image it goes up but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t collect anything. If I raise the container with an entrypoint pointing to a .sh inside / bin, the container dies a few seconds later.

I already removed the VM and installed everything from scratch, but it was the same.
I found a few things in some forums, but it was not applicable to my scenario.

Does anyone have any idea what it can be and how to fix it?

My Docker version is 19.03.5 and my UCP version is 3.2.4.

Thank you!!!